Advice from peers

You definitely shouldn't think that you aren't smart because you're on academic probation. One thing that my advisor always told me was that if you are smart enough to meet the entry requirements to IU, you are smart enough to succeed in college. Some people just have a harder time than others. Don't be upset with yourself because you are on academic probation.

Personally, I look back on myself being on probation as a positive experience that changed my life for the better. If I had the opportunity to go back in time and change me being on academic probation, I wouldn't do it because I have learned so much and grown greatly as a person throughout my journey.

You shouldn't feel alone either just because you are on academic probation. You have a great support system that is here to help you, and the people in this support system really do want to help you, we want you to be the best student that you can be!

Patrick, Peer Instructor, EDUC-X158

Instead of dwelling on past mistakes or circumstances, it is vital to shift the focus towards what is yet to come. Growth begins at the end of our comfort zone, and being on Academic Probation is uncomfortable.

Remind yourself that you are brave for continuing and pushing forward in this new, intimidating circumstance. Remind yourself that you are meant to be here just as much as anyone else is meant to be here, and the proof of that lies in the fact that you got here in the first place. Remind yourself that you are on a path unique to your own life, and no one has experienced everything you have gone through except for yourself. Remind yourself that success is better defined by resilience, bravery, and courage more so than numbers, letters, and approval. Personally, I would rather experience adversity, though be it difficult, than live a life with no struggles because adversity creates resilience, empathy, compassion, strength, and the ability to help others. This experience can help you help others in the future; it has created more life experience than you would have if you had never gone through this. We are often our own best cheerleaders and our own worst critics, and that can be very limiting. You are capable of more than you expect from yourself.

Lauren, Peer instructor, EDUC-X158

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