Dates & deadlines

Agreement Deadline #

An academic "hold" is placed on the record of all students with CGPAs below 2.0, preventing them from registering for classes for future terms without special authorization. You must sign the agreement by the deadline and fulfill the requirements of the agreement, or the academic hold will remain on your record until semester grades are final and the OVPUE Records Office has determined whether you are eligible for enrollment. However, if you have not signed the agreement, you may request a release of the hold to register during Early Registration if you can prove that you have earned a 2.7 with your Early Evaluation grades. You must submit proof of the 2.7 GPA with a grade report form before the hold may be released.

Deadlines for signing the Phoenix Agreement: Friday of the fourth week of classes

Auto W-Drop Deadlines #

Withdraw deadliines have changed starting in the Fall 2023 term!

W Deadlines are different for each session (1st-8-week, 13-week, full-term, 2nd-8-week, etc.). Generally, the Automatic W deadline will be at the midpoint of a given session.

For Automatic W deadlines for this term, see the IUB Official Academic Calendar.

Starting Monday on the second week of classes, for most session types you may submit an online withdrawal at > eDrop/eAdd Classes.

Extended-X/Grade Replacement Petitions #

  • If you are repeating a course, make sure you discuss the Extended-X Policy with your academic advisor. See the University Division website's Extended-X Policy page for detailed information and note that certain conditions/restrictions apply.
  • To apply the policy, you must file an Extended-X petition through the OVPUE Records Office either using the online form or in person.
  • You can petition for an X any time before you graduate but University Division recommends that you submit your petition before the end of the semester in which you are retaking the course.